Our Mission

“To provide players with epic stories, adventures and memories through a premium gaming environment.”

Who Are We?

The GM’s Den is an online community that uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help with group creation and GM understanding of who their players are and how they can run the best games with who they have. We also are implementing a system that allows GMs to train under Verified GM’s to become more comfortable running games with less hiccups. (they happen, but less is more)

The GM’s Den is 100% about the players, they deserve the BEST we have to offer. They are the bread and butter of the GMs, if you are a player, thank you. You help make dreams come true.

When you come to The GM’s Den, you will be a part of a family, one who cares about each and every individual and will be worked with to see your dreams come to table. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our Mission: Simplifying the connections between players and GM’s with high compatibility.

Our Promise: Bringing our best to the table, every time.

Our Vision: We aim to herald the forefront of premium table-top games.

There are approximately 9.5 million D&D 5e players worldwide.

Meet the founder

Jared Robert-Simon Fortney (Jare) started this company from his home in Michigan amid the pandemic of 2020, through hard work, some errors and learning, he has brought The GM’s Den to light!

Being a person who doesn’t like the spotlight, he deserves this mention. Making it easier to connect players with GMs across the globe for good, wholehearted tabletop gaming!

A storyteller at heart, he feels most comfortable telling his stories and bringing his best to the table.

Jare dips into many different things: Piano, Tabletop Roleplaying Games (of course), being a dad, and an all around good guy. He makes sure to see to the needs of others before himself. The hard work he put into the community and is continuing to do should speak for itself.