Some GMs prefer a campaign story with pauses built into it – times when adventurers are not going on adventures. By engaging in downtime activities your character can learn a new skill, language, earn some extra income, craft or even spend the treasure your character amassed on their adventures, amongst others.

Downtime activities take anything from 1 day to multiple weeks to perform. Generally, downtime activities are handled away from the game table, perhaps immediately after the session or sometime before the next – exceptions may include simple crafting. Communicate with your GM.

The following activities are available at GM’s Den, pending GM approval. Activities allowed may depend on the nature of the area where your character is located.

Buying a magical item

Purchasing a magic item requires not only money, but time to seek out and contact people willing to sell items. Even then, there is no guarantee a seller will have the item your character desires. More info.

Resources: 1 week + 100 gp.


Your character can use downtime to craft armor, weapons, clothing, potions, poisons or other kinds of gear providing he has the necessary tools and ingredients. More info.

Resources: Minimum 1 day + 25 gp.

Creating a Magical Scroll

With time and patience, a spellcaster can transfer a spell to a scroll, creating a spell scroll. More info.

Resources: Minimum 1 day + 15 gp.


Sometimes it pays to be bad. This activity gives your character the chance to make some extra cash, at the risk of arrest. More info.

Resources: Minimum 1 week + 25 gp.


Games of chance are a way to make a fortune and perhaps a better way to lose one. More info.

Resources: Minimum 1 week + 10 gp.


Sometimes the best thing to do between adventures is relax. This option is also ideal for players who don’t want to make use of the downtime system. Sometimes heroes just need a moment to chill!


Forewarned is forearmed. The research downtime activity allows your character to delve into lore concerning a monster, a location, a magic item, or some other particular topic. More info.

Resources: Minimum 1 week + 50 gp.

Selling a Magical Item

Selling a magic item is by no means an easy task. Con artists and thieves are always looking out for an easy score, and there’s no guarantee that your character will receive a good offer even if a legitimate buyer is found. More info.

Resources: 1 week + 25 gp.


Given enough free time and the services of an instructor, your character can learn a language or pick up proficiency with a tool. More info.

Resources: Minimum 10 weeks + 25 gp per week.